Formed in 1986 by a group of leading Australian horticultural rural retailers, AgLink Australia today represents 13 member organizations at more than 208 locations around the country. Employing some 1,640 staff, including 313 agronomists, the group collectively generates approximately US$1.7B in revenues.

AgLink Australia members employ one of the largest groups of qualified professionals nationally, providing agronomy and animal production advice. Supported by the supply of reputable products, we help Australian farmers produce greater volumes of high quality, clean and sustainable fruit, vegetables, wheat, barley, canola, rice, sugar, cotton, wool, beef, sheep and dairy.

With a strong focus on innovation, research and development, AgLink Australia facilitates new chemical, fertilizer and seed technology trials on behalf of our partner suppliers.

The organization’s professional development program, the AgLink Academy, each year provides in excess of 8,000 hours of training, covering skills in leadership and product knowledge, to our members.

AgLink Canada is a leading group of 21 independent family owned rural retail shareholders that operate out of 71 locations across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Collectively generating more than US$1B per year in revenues and employing approximately 695 staff (including 151 agronomists), AgLink Canada owners are located geographically in the heart of the prairies where they maintain strong regional footprints and deep community and customer relationships.

The Prairies of western Canada focus primarily on growing high quality wheat, canola, malt and feed barley, peas, lentils. Smaller geographical areas of the Prairies also successfully focus on specialty crops such as potatoes, corn, soybeans, edible beans, sugar beets, and vegetable production.

Formed in 1991, IAP is a national agricultural cooperative representing 33 independent agricultural retailers across the United States. The organization goes beyond negotiating competitive fertilizer and crop protection positions to represent, advocate and influence on behalf of retail owners.

In total, IAP retailers represent over $US2.4B in annual sales, with 756 Pest Control Advisors and CCA’s Certified Crop Advisors at 389 retail locations with 4,929 employees nationally.

With consolidation of ag retailers into multi-national organizations, local ownership and service has not been lost. The independent retailer plays a vital role in supporting high value inputs and providing today’s grower with products that deliver results.

IAP supports the independent retailer and gives marketing strength to thrive and grow with likeminded businesses.

AgriRede was formed in 2016 and represents 19 independent agricultural retail shareholders throughout Brazil. The organization has an annual combined revenue of US$0.6B with 1,720 employees at over 89 locations.

The company has a wide geographical presence in Brazil and more than 500 technical agronomists and consultants providing advice to 55,000 farmers.

Crops of major significance in Brazil include soybean, corn, coffee, sugar cane, vegetables and fruits.